"Change happens through movement and movement heals" Joseph Pilates

A bit about UP..

Our classes encourage healthy movement and awareness of your "core"

- contrary to popular belief there's so much more to the "core" than the all hallowed six pack! Pilates is ideal for everyone, from beginners and those with physical limitations to providing a challenge and improving performance for the fitter body. The breath, flow and concentration of Pilates are also beneficial in improving mental health. 

Sessions are tailored to the varying needs and levels of capability.

Current classes are working with  desk bound workers, cyclists and climbers, specific issues such as optimising bone health, post injury rehabilitation and improving mental health.

Through carefully structured mat sessions and dedication together we will:

  • build your core strength from the inside out targeting your deep postural muscles

  • release tight spots and strengthen weak spots

  • foster flexibility and fitness

  • rebalance and align your body to your ideal posture

  • Improve confidence through posture

Pilates strengthens and lengthens your body resulting in a healthier spine, visibly improving your posture, making you better prepared to incorporate health and well-being into the everyday stresses of urban living.

take some time out to breathe and move -treat yourself to a healthier, happier you.