A bit about me

I began my Pilates journey a decade ago, inspired to seek relief for my own back aches and pains induced by desk bound office work, commuting by bike and back packing with an oversized rucksack, this amongst other urban vices of late nights in bad shoes!

As well as strengthening my back and adding half an inch to my already statuesque 5ft 2.5, Pilates helped me find peace of mind and body within the constraints of an urban lifestyle. I became a Pilates teacher to help others find the same balance. 


Having recently embraced road cycling I'm taking in a whole new world of how alignment and "core" fitness can affect the dynamics of daily life.

Pilates has become a journey of constant discovery, I enjoy sharing, teaching and most of all working with my clients on how to re-align their body, whilst strengthening their core & releasing tensions, making it fun so that it becomes a natural process with their everyday life.   

Pilates is a way to make beneficial changes to your body without having to cut out anything that you enjoy.



Professional Training and Qualifications

  • Body Control Pilates level 3 instructor

  • ITEC level 3 in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage.  

  • A member of REPS (The Register of Exercise Professionals) and hold all relevant insurance cover as well as being    CPR certified.

 ** Currently training towards Level 4 Advanced Exercise Instructor qualification

I regularly attend seminars and workshops and am continuously learning and improving my knowledge and practice.

These include:

  • Pilates for Bone Health (osteoporosis)

  • Pilates for performance - sports active clients

  • Pilates for runners

  • Pilates for cyclists