Pilates for performance  & Pilates for cyclists 

Wednesday 7 pm Healthy Living Centre, Shoreditch 

Saturday 9-12 Department of Endurance, Fulham

Pilates for Improver's
Pilates for Improver's

Tuesday 7-8pm @Urdang2

Tuesday 7pm @Urdang2, Islington

Held in conjunction with Orthopilates. These classes move at a safe steady pace, focusing on the principles of pilates and taking into account the group ability, providing a careful environment for those aiming to increase their standard gently and methodically.  Classes incorporate small equipment and a full range of matwork exercises, aiming for a graded progression towards the Intermediate level . 

Private sessions

Various times available throughout the week

Private sessions are available.

These can be from 1 person through to a small group.

One to one Pilates lessons can be held in a studio or in the comfort of your home.

These sessions will be tailored to focus on specific goals or medical conditions such as back pain, or an injury. A Pilates one to one class can provide a more thorough understanding of the Pilates exercise form. Consult your doctor first if you have a medical condition.

Pilates Move

These classes suit the fitter body with a focus on optimising movement & strength to enable healthy movement both during and away from your chosen sport. Releasing tight spots, freeing stiff, immobile joints whilst lengthening muscles, Strengthening and stabilising the core and reaffirming positive alignment.

Some benefits felt from current pilates-ing cyclists :

Stronger and more mobile spine. Relieved muscle tightness and released joints particularly in the hip flexor complex. Improved gluteal strength, particularly important for quad dominant cyclists

In conjunction with My Local Pilates.A moderate paced class that builds upon basic Pilates principles. Ideal for most clients who have attended one term of classes at basic level or strong beginner clients who have a movement background (e.g. dance, gymnastics, yoga, martial arts). Exercises will include those taught in basics but with an emphasis on moving! Think more reps, or flow from one exercise to the next to develop stamina. New exercises will be introduced providing a stepping stone to progress towards intermediate flow classes.

Thursday 7pm @ Chats Palace Homerton

Pilates for Beginners

Thursday 6pm @ Chats Palace, Homerton

In conjunction with My Local Pilates. A slower to moderate paced class suitable for all levels, but great for Beginner and Improver clients. The focus is the ABC’s (Alignment, Breathing and Core stability), and also incorporating other pilates "principles" Exercises will increase in challenge and complexity through the duration of the term with view to developing "Stamina" (the seventh principle of pilates!). Strong Improver and Intermediate level clients will still benefit from attending these classes as the emphasis is on quality movement firmly rooted in good biomechanics, vital to performing advanced exercises correctly and with ease.